Cor. San Martin Avenue and St. Paul Street Belmopan, Cayo District Belize, Central America
(501) 631-9487
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  • 1 Cloud Room
  • Hacienda Tropical Guest House
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  • Belmopan Business and Administration Center
  • Rodeo at the NATS
  • Pine Ridge Waterfalls
  • Hammocks compressed
  • Great Food Jan(11)
  • Sunset Oct13
  • Ziplining at Bocawina Apr20(12)
  • Sand Sun n Sea Aug(11)
  • Caracol Maya Site
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  • Bed Cloud Economy Room2 lres
  • 7HTGH A place for bikers


Hacienda Tropical Guest House is centrally located in Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize, Central America, in the Caribbean.  It is reasonably priced, clean, secure, centrally located, and has a relaxing vacation atmosphere with hammocks available to relax on the nice breezy verandah. Whether on business or vacation, you can take a bike ride through the Capital City, or rent a car for various quick tours available within a half hour to a day’s drive from Belmopan.